EARTH ALLIANCE Ship Control Sheets

Babylon 5 w/Heavy Interceptors Based on viewing "Severed Dreams" again, it seems clear that B5 has heavy interceptors. Sheridan orders the defense grid reset for "long range dispersion fire" as enemy fighters are approaching. The change-over is almost instantaneous, certainly much faster than in Season 1, when Sinclair orders the grid reset to target Raider fighters. Surprisingly, "long range dispersion fire" seems to be the name for anti-fighter mode, not intercept mode, since the station's defense grid seems to be firing almost exclusively at the enemy fighters, not acting as interceptors. This version only has heavy interceptors, replaced on a 1 for 1 basis. However, it might also make sense to simply add 1 heavy interceptor to each section and keep the 2 Mk II's as is. I may update this sheet at a later time to reflect that... The original B5 SCS is from Rameus's Gaming Page.

Dreadnought Class Battleship A monstorous design concieved during the Clark administration as the ultimate "prestige ship" for Earth Force. He was overthrown before construction began, and the ship was never built. Easily the equal of two Warlocks, it was intended to be the equal of any ship in known space, after the departure of the Vorlons and Shadows.

Hecatoncheires Class Battleship By Daniel Haughton Named after the monstrous "hundred-handed" brothers of the Greek Titans, the Hecatoncheires is something of a step backwards in naval architecture. Eschewing the utilitarian nature of the Nova, Omega, and Warlock class ships, the Hecatoncheires harkens back to the classical wet-navy lines of the Hyperion class ships. Based in part on the spaceframe of the Orpheus class battleship, Earth's first true, though unsuccessful, battleship, the Hecatoncheires is an improvement upon the Orpheus in all ways. Carrying several times the raw firepower, double the fighter complement, and the best sensor suite available to Earth Alliance, the Hecatoncheires is expected to be able to go one-on-one with any vessel in the known galaxy short of the Minbari Shargotti class battlecruisers and the ISA Victory class destroyers.

Nova Class Dreadnought Gamma Variant An attempt to create a more powerful version of the Nova. The Gamma replaced the eighteen Medium Laser/Pulse Arrays with Heavy Laser/Pulse Arrays. The resulting firepower was astonishing. In a test firing in 2260, the EAS Scipio Africanus all but obliterated an old Nova target ship with one volley. Regretfully, the ship's power grid overloaded and shut down in the process. Despite extensive efforts to fix this critical shortcoming, Earth Force technicians were unable to fix the problem without totally redesigning the ships power distibution system. With the Warlock coming on line, it was decided to end work on the Gamma variant, and in 2262, the Scipio Africanus was itself destroyed while serving as a target for the new Warlock class Destroyer, EAS Rhiannon.

Nova Class Dreadnought Delta Variant Another attempt at a modified Nova, this time replacing the MLPA's with Railguns. While a very effective unit for stripping away outer equipement and weapons from a target, its power shortage and ammo limitations made it a unique experiment. The only unit converted, the EAS McClellan, was lost during the Minbari War, overwhelmed by Nials while attempting to retreat after running out of ammunition.

Orpheus Class Battleship After the Dilgar War, Earth designed and built the EAS Orpheus, its first true battleship. The results were somewhat dissapointing. While tremendously powerful, the design attempted too much. Its reactor was incapable of powering all weapons simultaneously, and its engine was underpowered. Its main weapons, huge rail cannons and missile launchers, were ammunition dependant and required frequent resupply in times of conflict. The twin laser mounts forward also suffered from power distribution problems. It's main positive point was its fighter bay, designed for efficiency and a vast improvement over the Hyperion. The Nova design, introduced during the war and considerably improved afterwards, was seen as a more effective ship and the Orpheus remained a one of a kind ship. Still, it was a powerful ship, and remained in service into the Minbari War. She was destroyed at the Battle of the Line, ramming a Shargoti class War Cruiser after destroying two smaller Minbari escort ships. SPECIAL RULES: The heavy rail guns follow all rules for normal rail guns, save for the differences listed on the SCS. The twin lasers must fire at the same target, though damage locations are rolled seperately. They can not be powered down individually, both or neither must be deactivated. Critical hits apply to both beams.

MacArthur Class Heavy Assault Carrier By Daniel Haughton (Grand Inquisitor Dask) A massive assault ship, designed to enter a system, drop its troops and support units, then high tail it out of the system until the shooting is over. It has powerful anti-fighter defenses, but very poor ship to ship capability.

Nimitz Class Carrier A post Drakh Plague heavy carrier, equipped to handle 96 Thunderbolt fighters. Based heavily on the hull of the Warlock, it is intended as a follow on to the Poseidon Class.

Shinano Class Carrier A single unit was built, and quickly destroyed, in the Earth-Minbari War. Several more were built post war, but it was quickly replaced by the Poseidon.

Essex Class Carrier A medium sized carrier, based on the Omega hull, but with a new "hammer" with built in fighter bays. Not very well armed, slightly sluggish, but carries 48 fighters.

Shadow Warlock Inspired by the two JMS scripts on (now defunct) that would have shown beyond doubt, that Earth still has access to Shadow Tech. So, here is the Shadow Warlock. I created a new weapon, a medium slicer, since the slicers on the Shadow Omega were too light compared to the HP Cannons. This is a unique unit, since 1. Warlocks are still pretty rare in 2265, and 2. Shadow Tech is probably pretty rare as well.

Omega Elint Variant An EW variant of the versatile Omega.

Omega Assault Variant An assault ship variant of the versatile Omega. The addition of artificial gravity was a big plus for GROPOS over the older Hyperions and Novas.

Ardent Class Monitor A system defense boat intended as a follow on to the Orestes class monitor, though smaller.

Oracle Class Scout, Epsilon Variant Only a handful of the remaining Oracles were converted to this variant in the late 2250's. It optimised its defensive abilities, with pulse cannons replacing the lasers, an L rack replacing the S rack, upgraded interceptors, and a flight of Starfurys were added for added defense. This last change was not easy, and all hanger operation times are doubled due to the cramped quarters, and no missiles can be carried. Thunderbolts and Badgers may not be used. Overall, the changes and additions made the vessel rather cramped, and it was not very popular with crews who served on it. It was replaced in the early 2260's by the Delphi.

Explorer Upgrade The risks of deep space exploration lead Earth Force to upgrade their huge Explorers in the early 2260's, installing heavy interceptors and upgrading the two pulse cannons to Heavy Laser/Pulse Arrays. Thunderbolts were standard issue, since they could escort survey shuttles into planetary atmospheres where Starfuries were unable to go.

Hermes Class CVL Variant Intended as a command ship for a group of Tethys Patrol Boats, the Hermes CVL carries a dozen Star Furys, and is armed with an effective anti-fighter arsenal. Light pulse cannons are quite effective against the smaller fighters raiders usually use, but make the ship very vulnerable to larger craft. Few were built due to difficulties in upgrading the reactor and the general drop off in raider activity after 2258.

Conestoga Class Fleet Tender By Daniel Haughton (Grand Inquisitor Dask) A replacement for the Cotton, equipped with artificial gravity and large cargo bays, that are also modular. Normally it carries 2-4 cargo pods, but can carry up to 16, though at a SEVERE maneuverability penalty!

Babylon 4 Upgrade A hypothetical upgrade of B4, based on the episode "GROPOS". It doesn't increase the overall firepower by much, but does change the heavy lasers and heavy pulse arrays to Heavy Laser/Pulse Arrays and upgrades the interceptors to heavy ones. It is based on a SCS from

Mustang Medium Fighter A medium version of the Thunderbolt, without a weapons officer, and with less armor and structure. Slightly faster, it also has the advantage of being able to be carried by older ships unable to carry Thunderbolts, though modifications to the hangers prevent ships that carry Mustangs from later carrying Starfuries in the same fighter slot. Often, ships will have some of their fighter bays modified, carrying a mix of Starfuries and Mustangs. (Game note: mark each hanger box carrying Mustangs with an * or other mark to denote that a Starfury cannot use that specific box.)

Remora Class Assault Craft A combination of a breaching pod and an assault shuttle, used only for high-risk missions.