Babylon 5 Wars Ship Control Sheets

Centauri Republic

Balvamus Class Carrier A carrier variant of the Primus, removing the Battle Lasers and doubling the number of fighters, as well as adding two Guardian Arrays and two more Twin Arrays. Not intended to carry Rutarians, though there is no structural reason why it could not do so.

Narn Regime

Bin'Tor Replacing the twin Energy mine launchers with two Mag Guns, the Bintak B has massive forward firepower, but at the cost of an overstressed power grid.

G'Neth Class Carrier Based on the G'eron class battleship from Stellardyne Industries The G'eron SCS is no longer on the site though. It is available from Richard Bax's site.

Interstellar Alliance

Agamemnon Based on a discussion on the B5Wars mailing list. It theorises that the Agamemnon was so heavily damaged at the end of Season 4 that Earth Force chose not to repair her. Purchased by the ISA, she was turned into a technology testbed, to study the ability to interface Human and Minbari technology in preparation for construction of the Victory class. The SCS shows her carrying Minbari fighters, but she could have just as easily carried Thunderbolts, or, more likely, a mix of the two. This SCS will be replaced soon with a zipped PDF, and the ship will be modified slightly...I'm also working on a drawing of the modified ship.