Babylon 5 LINKS


Babylon 5 Wars links

Agents of Gaming The makers of Babylon 5 wars

B5WARS.AGENTSOFGAMING.COM The official Babylon 5 Wars discussion site.

B5 Gaming Forum The site above has sort of stolen this site's thunder, but it still has discussions worth watching...

Babylon 5 Wars Nav Point A page of B5Wars links, hasn't been updated in a few months, but its loaded with links.

B5W Links Another B5Wars links page, more up to date.

Richard Bax's SCS page Some of the best SCS forms on the net, though Richard has made it public that he will probably close the site soon, since AoG's own SCS forms have improved vastly in quality, and the Ships of the Fleet book and CD-ROM makes it much easier to print them out.

Rameus's Gaming Page Another site with homemade SCS's of AoG ships, and a source for some Lightwave models as well.

Babylon 5 Warsomachy Home of the Variant Rejects Page, as well as a couple home-grown races, and some other neat stuff.

Agents of Chaos A site dedicated to the Drakh, with homegrown SCS's for various Drakh ships. All unofficial, but well done, nonetheless! Also has a section dedicated to the Technomages,.

Orion Station SCS's, rules, play aids, scenarios, and other picture postcards!

Battle Spoo Battlestar Galactica SCS's for B5W, along with info on painting and kitbashing miniatures.

Shadow Tec A variety of SCS's and scenarios.

Shipyard Beta VI A small page with several SCS's.

Torin's B5 Wars Page A simple page with several SCS's.

Earth Alliance LCV page A small page dedicated to an EA Light Combat Vessel design.

A View of the Gallery A page dedicated to B5W minis. Plenty of good reference pictures and some incredible paint jobs.

Hyperion's B5 Wars page An excellent site, loaded with kitbashed and custom minis, and SCS's for them.

General Babylon 5 Links

The Sci Fi Channel's B5 site Current home of B5 on US TV, in widescreen format. Not a very comprehensive site, but its just starting.

ISN News: The Zocalo Today The best site for the latest B5 news, as well as cast updates, chats, etc...

Science Fiction Timeline Site has a comprehensive timeline of the B5 universe.

B5TECH Home of the B5 Technical Manual, and the B5 Tech Board. Much of the data here is fan fiction, but the lengths provided for various ships are researched.

Hyperspace An excellent reference for B5 ships, sticking to the facts as presented in the series. It's owner, Hyperspace, has provided numerous references for my drawings, especially the Hyperion and Frazi.

Babylon 5: The Place to Be The name says it all, an excellent reference source, with plenty of pictures, and data.

The Warlock Project A reference site on the mysterious Earth Alliance Advanced Destroyer.

Beyond Babylon Home of the B5 Modeller's Guild and forum.

Eon Graphics 3D models and artwork, including an incredible Bin'tak.

First A site dedicated to trying to save the Babylon 5 flight sim, "Into the Fire". There is always hope, but the situation looks bleak.....

Operation Phoenix Chris Sapiano's vision of the future of Earth Force.

Other Links

The Crazy Mage A discount game store with online ordering. I've ordered from them before with no complaints.

Discount Games Another online game store. A little slower than the Crazy Mage but has a better selection in their catalog.

Sci Fi and More (Formerly The Everything B5 Store) A good source for B5 related items and other Sci Fi genres as well.

Do or Dice Another online store with a good selection.